Pitfall. Asteroid. SMW. Super Castlevania. Double Dragon. Super Metroid. Chrono. Earthbound. Doom. Resident Evil. ToZ:OCC, Golden Eye. Metal Gear, Smash Bros. Fallout 2. Feels good, doesn’t it? My collection expanded quickly past that point but that’s my childhood in a box, in the small town of Sept-Iles, Québec.

Fast forward to april 2015, Québec City. We’re almost there. Me and my band of warriors have been working ten years for the biggest game developpers and ate experience. Ubisoft, Activision, Disney… We’re looking at the fresh green buds that sprout out of the branches of trees in compliment to spring’s sun, and we know now is the time. We have the vision. Our plan is ready. Let’s get beyond most classical Hollywoodian techniques of video game narration, and make world systems that create their own story. All wrapped around brutal action gameplay and, at the very least, local multiplayer. To us, the best gaming memories were unscripted, the result of pure discovery and emerging gameplay. Since then, we always felt that games were never given enough air to breath, and be all they can be. This has nothing to do with being huge, but all to do with being deep, and having character.

- Gropwel

The very first concept art for Hellpoint, created by the very talented Dmitry Timoshin.

Hello, fellow warriors!

Myself Mathieu, Marc-André, Sendy, Jean-Michel, Émé, Guillaume and Jo would like to bid you a most devoted welcome into our archives of madness. Stay a while, and listen, as we share with you the wicked and amazing journey that led up to the creation of Hellpoint, and Cradle Games.

We kept this a mystery for way too long and in fact I think we were a little insane, the trance induced by working in this company has turned us into daemonic missionaries. But now we’re here, late but hopefully not lost, to share with you all we know about this strange game, Hellpoint. Even if often the cosmic gods speak to us in mysterious ways, we shall make it our diligent duty to keep you all informed.

A little tour of the mansion, over to your right you will find the FORUMS where we hope to see you all to further discuss the dark arts and share thoughts. There are fresh cigars on the moose leg table. Over here is the HELLPOINT page, cataloguing what we know of the game so far. If you want to know more about us and what’s up, head over to the BLOG. Or isn’t it just right where we are? Our COMPANY section contains all the strategic info and vision of Cradle Games to all our esteemed partners and inspiring grown up friends.

Last but certainly not least, we’re working very hard and putting all our heart into our upcoming CROWDFUNDING campaign so if you like what you see and want us to continue making games like that, let the market know and please back us!

And even more importantly, here’s an infinite expression of gratitude to all the people giving us their support. This is an invaluable, life long dream come true. We have an incredibly deep passion for the medium that we grew up with, and we can now share it with the world, and I have no word to express how honored we are to be able to do it.

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Thank you so, so much, and have a great journey.

- Gropwel